Admin Support Update

As the academic year draws to a close, there is no doubt that Royal Holloway will be undergoing some change over the summer, and if you are going away this summer, then things are going to be rather different when you return in September.

As you will be aware, one of the main noticeable changes from the restructure will be where you go for administrative queries. Rather than your administrative support being situated within the departmental building, administrative teams will now be located within Schools. Over the summer period, there are some transition locations whilst the various estates work is completed on the new School Administration Offices, and there have already been some moves over the Easter period. From the start of the new academic year, when the new Schools structure comes into effect, administrative support will be provided from the following locations:

  • School of Humanities – International Building first floor, adjacent to the main entrance

Department of Classics, Department of English, Department of History and the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures

  • School of Engineering, Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Bedford Building ground floor

Department of Computer Science, Department of Electronic Engineering, Department of Information Security, Department of Mathematics and the Department of Physics

  • School of Law and Social Sciences – McCrea Building ground floor

Department of Economics, Department of Law & Criminology, Department of Politics, International Relations & Philosophy and the Department of Social Work

  • School of Life Sciences and the Environment – Wolfson Building ground floor

Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Earth Sciences, Department of Geography and the Department of Psychology

  • School of Business and Management – Moore Building ground floor

Department of Accounting & Financial Management, Department of Digital Innovation Management, Department of Human Resource Management & Organisational Studies, Department of Marketing and the Department of Strategy, International Business & Entrepreneurship

  • School of Performing and Digital Arts – Katherine Worth Building ground floor. There will also be a Music Office in Wetton’s Terrace and a Media Arts Office in the Arts Building

Department of Drama, Theatre & Dance, Department of Media Arts and the Department of Music

During this time, the Student Services Centre will still be able to help with general, wider queries, but when the new School Offices open, this will be your central point of call just as your current departmental administration offices are now. You can stay up-to-date on the academic restructure over the summer on the student intranet.

Jack O'Neill // Vice President Education