Become a Student Trustee

One of the things that we pride ourselves on at the Students’ Union is getting you involved in as many experiences as possible – and this includes all levels of the organisation. One of the ways you can get involved is by becoming a Student Trustee  applications are now open so read on for further information!

As publicised earlier in this academic year, our Board of Trustees approved changing how Student Trustees are appointed onto the Board. This was directly off the back of your feedback in the Democracy Review which told us that you want to get involved in ways beyond simply elections – this new method also suits the role a lot more!

What is a Board of Trustees?

Essentially, the Board of Trustees are legally responsible for the organisation and help set the path for the organisation moving forwards within our strategy. The Board is chaired by the President of the Students’ Union and its membership includes the other Sabbatical Officers, Student Trustees and External Trustees, so that we can receive guidance and expertise from other areas. The Board seeks to receive assurance that the organisation is financially sound, meeting its charitable purposes and is sustainable, both financially and in accordance with the mission of the organisation.

Job description

What is changing?

For the first time, this year is going to see a new way of appointing Student Trustees which is really exciting! Moving away from the election model, Student Trustees will be appointed through an application and interview process. We certainly aren’t expecting you all to have an abundance of experience in trusteeship before, rather we want to offer you this experience. What we're really looking for in the application process is an understanding of the role, and an eagerness to learn and contribute!

This is a great opportunity for you to be involved in an application process, and put yourself forward to contribute to everything we do at the Students’ Union!

How do I apply?

Applying is really quick and easy, all you have to do is send a copy of your CV and some short answers to the questions below to me via email. Applications are open now and are open until Friday 29 May, so make sure you email with your application before the deadline.

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Once we have received all of the applications, we will be conducting virtual interviews in June.

We don’t expect student trustees to have years of experience in high powered jobs, or know everything you need to know about complex financial management. We’re more interested in how you make decisions, and what skills you can bring to the organisation. So alongside sending us your CV, all we are asking is a short (max 150 words per question) response to the below questions:

1) Why do you want to be a trustee at RHSU?

2) Tell us about a time in your life where you’ve had to make a difficult decision. What factors did you consider? How did you reach your decision?

3) Tell us about a time in your life where you’ve disagreed with someone and you’ve needed to reach a compromise. How did you accomplish this?

4) What do you understand by the term ‘conflict of interest’?

What is it like to be a Student Trustee?

As Chair of the Board this year, it is always wonderful to see how Student Trustees develop and grow into their roles, contributing effectively to discussions that we have at Board and the various sub-committees. Hear from some of our current Student Trustees on what it has been like:

Niamh Smith: “I have found it really interesting being on the Board this year. It has taught me a lot, especially about the charity sector and the responsibilities of trustees within these organisations. Probably the most fascinating part for me was seeing the decision-making process behind the SU and all the thought that has to go into various areas within its operation. I’d definitely recommend it.”

Milo Dack: “All in all, I’ve found it to be a really insightful opportunity to learn about the workings of a multi-million-pound charity built around helping students and ensuring that they’re represented at the university level.”

If you have any questions then please do drop me an email!