Day In The Life Of A Student: Venus Ashu

First up in this new series, Second Year English with Creative Writing student Venus Ashu tells us all about what her days look like in this new 'normal', from online and in-person seminars, to her favourite stand at Market Day and her busy, creative and sporty evenings!

Hey everyone! What’s up? I’m Venus Ashu, an undergrad at Royal Holloway currently studying English with Creative Writing in my second year. I won’t lie, it took some getting used to, but I’m finally getting to grips and dare I say enjoying this new mesh of studying at home and in person.

Nobody said that doing 9am lectures in pyjamas and last night’s spot cream would be so cosy. I don’t know about you guys, but I personally find it easier to knuckle down and pay attention in my own study bubble.

On a general day, I wake up in the morning and start preparing for the day by meditating before I get washed and dressed. I usually plan an outfit the day before to avoid manically chucking all my clothes out in a rush. I don’t always have breakfast but if I do it’s something simple like green tea and porridge. I know it’s basic, but I can’t afford anything else.

On most days, my lectures and seminars don’t start until 12pm, so I will use the three hours before to read any book, play or poem I need for the next day and make notes on that. Then I watch an episode of a sitcom of my choice – it was How I Met Your Mother, but I just finished it – and join the lecture and/or seminar online with all my notes and required reading in front of me.

My only in-person classes are in the International building or George Eliot, and they always last an hour. If I ever do go in, it’s always on Market Day, so after an hour of hard work, I reward myself by seeing my favourite couple running the Bratwurst UK stand and order my usual like clockwork.

I finish around 2pm or so, and then the fun stuff happens!

I usually tuck away a couple of hours each day to focus on doing something creative, whether that be planning or carrying out a photoshoot, filming for my YouTube channel, writing, editing photography… the list is ridiculously long. This is something I’m extremely passionate about, so I tend to go MIA when I do and put on my favourite music to get me in the zone. I’m talking Tame Impala, Brent Faiyaz vibes.

Strangely enough, I’ve actually been more productive this year with Miss Rona than last year without the pandemic and I’m always looking to start more projects. If you’re a creative person on campus: hit me up! There’s nothing better than being able to express yourself through a type of artwork and collaborating with other people in order to produce a vision.

On my free days I get ready in the afternoon for Women’s Football training that takes place on Wednesdays at 4pm and on Thursdays around 8pm. It honestly feels so good to get out in the fresh air with the girls and show off my tekker skills. When we started, most of them didn’t know how to kick a ball, but now they’re getting better with each session which is always encouraging to see!

I’m also the President of the Fashion Society, so my fabulous committee members and I are constantly working throughout the day to make our members experience this year worthwhile. We’ve been able to produce a whole video graphic look-book socially distanced, and have had online challenges, games, and socials. We wanted to create a community of people who love fashion, modern styles and trends and the various cultures that come under it, and so far, I would proudly say we’ve accomplished that.

Nevertheless, the year is not over! There is still so much to be done, so many memories to engrave, so many opportunities to grab by the balls and I hope you, as well as I, are able to make our experience here at Holloway legendary!

Venus Ashu. Over and out bay-bee.