Executives Kick Starting Term Two

After a very busy Term One, the Executives are back! They'll be meeting next week to discuss the progress of current projects as well as planning for new upcoming developments.

Your Executives are back for their second round of meetings, taking place between Tuesday 28 and Thursday 30 January. They’ll be discussing some big pieces of work and feeding into them. If you’re not sure what they got up to last time, than check out the last round-up or their pages.

If you’re not sure what they are, effectively, Executives are like a cabinet for each of the Vice President Sabbatical Officer positions. They’re elected students who can hold the Vice President to account, support the campaigns within that agenda and provide feedback.

So What Are They Up To?

Education Executive

The second Education Executive meeting of the academic year is being held next Tuesday 28 January. At this meeting they will:

  • Discuss next steps in progressing with the Executive priority campaign for the year.
  • Input into the development of Student Voice Reports which will be used by academic reps to feedback on Student Voice in their department as part of the departmental annual reviews
  • Discuss Student needs for 2030 to allow Kate Roberts VP Education to feedback input into the development of the University’s strategy.
  • Reflect on support for Education Executive members from the SU and look at how this could be improved moving forward.
  • Receive an update on You’re Valued Awards as well as the current progress of policy inquires: the BAME Inclusive Student Experience Report, the Careers Policy Inquiry and the PGR Policy Inquiry.
  • Receive an update on the upcoming School Rep elections and Sabbatical Officer elections.
  • Receive an update on VP Education Kate Roberts’ work at every meeting.

As the Executive moves into its second term this will be an important meeting to reflect on the progress achieved so far and look forward towards the exciting projects lined up for second term!

Wellbeing, Community & Diversity Executive

Last term we held our first Wellbeing, Community and Diversity Executive. We had a jam packed agenda and had really great discussions on topics of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and the University Wellbeing Strategy. This term we will have our second meeting which will consider topics including;

  • How to make Varsity more accessible.
  • Update on the BAME Inclusive Student Experience project.
  • A campaign on Civic Rights Education.
  • Hearing from each of the Collectives on all of their amazing work.

We’re off to a great start, and we can’t wait to get stuck into new projects for the upcoming year!

Societies, Sports & Opportunities

Next Thursday, the Societies, Sports and Opportunities Executive are meeting for the third time and for the first time this term. In this meeting the group will:

  • Be deciding on the ratification of new student groups who will be presenting to the Executive during the meeting.
  • Be updated by the Vice President Sport and Vice President Societies and Media on the work they have been doing since the previous meeting and discussing any key points of interest.
  • Discuss the plans for home Varsity in March and how we can make the events atmosphere and experience the best we can make it.
  • Be presented with the Student Opportunities Membership Recommendation paper which the group will discuss what direction to take with the membership.
  • Be informed of the nominations for sabbatical officers and school reps opening and the timeline which follows.

If you have any input on these topics do not hesitate to contact one of the sabbatical officers or a member of the SSO so your point can be voiced in the meeting.


Jack O'Neill // President

Kate Roberts // Vice President Education

Lucy Simpson // Vice President Welfare & Diversity

Sophia Bolton // Vice President Societies & Media

Dom Brown // Vice President Sport