Free Sexual Health Testing

A few weeks ago the Students' Union and the University's Student Wellbeing service teamed up to bring an STI testing drive to campus!

In a bid to get students thinking about their sexual health, the Students' Union and University's Student Wellbeing service teamed up and organised an STI and HIV testing drive for Wellness Week.

Keep reading for the low-down and everything sexual health from Helen Groenendaal, Head of Student Advisory & Wellbeing and your President, Henn Warwick.

On Wednesday 29 September, we were delighted to welcome Alice from CNWL Surrey and Poppy from Metro Charity to set up the STI and HIV testing bus outside the Students' Union building. We were so excited to see lots of students engaging with the service and asking important questions about how to protect their sexual health. Around 50 students came to get tested for chlamydia and gonorrhoea, HIV and to pick up some freebies!

It is incredibly important to the College and Students’ Union to encourage you all to take your sexual health seriously by educating and protecting yourself and others from unwanted diseases and infections. Last year, Henn (current President, previous VP Wellbeing & Diversity) and Emma (Wellbeing Adviser) worked together to update the student intranet content with advice about sexual health and consensual, healthy relationships to help you take control of your personal sexual health and to make you aware of the important facts. 

We’re delighted to have worked with Henn again as well as Metro Charity and the NHS to be able to provide on-campus sexual health testing and STI prevention advice. We are also thrilled at the fantastic take up for this service and hope the STI and HIV testing drive is an opportunity we can provide again very soon.

Why should I get tested?

It is entirely possible to contract an STI and be completely unaware because STIs don't always cause symptoms.

For this reason, it is super important to get tested regularly to protect your sexual health and others'. Regular tests will ensure you are able to have open, honest and accurate conversations with your sexual partner about the risk of STIs.

I wasn’t on campus that day. Can I get tested elsewhere?

Please don’t worry at all! Protecting your sexual health is important and will never drop off the radar at the Students’ Union or Wellbeing Service. We are not shy when it comes to providing our students with freebies and access to testing.

Last year, as your VP Wellbeing & Diversity I lobbied the GP Surgery on campus to offer STI testing and contraception. To book an appointment, please call the GP Surgery on 01784 443131 and request to see Dr. Laura Dickinson.

Equally, if you want to test from home that is completely fine. You can order a free test from the NHS.

Not sure how to complete a home STI kit? Don’t worry we’ve got your back.

More advice

  • Did you know that the Students' Union Advice Centre provides free condoms, sanitary products and STI test kits for chlamydia and gonorrhea? Remember to grab some the next time you drop by the Students' Union (first floor).
  • For the best protection against STIs use latex or polyurethane (internal & external) condoms and dental dams every time you engage in sexual activities.
  • Find out more about symptoms, treatment and how to protect yourself.
  • Check out our information about what to expect when you visit a sexual health clinic.