New Student Groups Incoming!

VP Societies & Sport Lucy Brown is incredibly excited to announce the ratification of eight new societies and sports clubs, including Baking Society, Cycling Club and TEDxRoyalHolloway! Tons of new options to get involved with!

Term One has been a busy time for our Societies, Sports and Opportunities (SSO) Executive. Attending their training and first meeting, the SSO had a great start to their year. This was then followed up with two rounds of ratification, which were moved online this year.

The proposed new groups submitted a detailed group pack which was then discussed by the SSO before a decision was made.

I am now pleased to say that we have welcomed seven new societies and one new sports club! Have a read about them below.


Baking Society is for those of any skill level who love to bake! A great way for like-minded individuals to meet. Traditionally a solitary hobby, it will bring together Royal Holloway’s community of bakers. Each week, they have a different theme, competition, or technical challenge, so make sure to check out how you can get involved and start baking the week away! 

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Focussing on the enjoyment of cinema, this society looks to appreciate a range of cinematic experiences – from indie to foreign cinema and cult classics! If you're less about the technical side of film, and more into the enjoyment of cinema – they’re the society for you!

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Whether you're an avid professional or new to Cycling, this club is for anyone. Running multiple rides a week, and catering to all abilities, Cycling will support you in training for your next big competition or providing a space to just hang out with like-minded people.

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A society that invites you to share in different Desi cultures. Working to combat segregation within South Asian countries, this society encourages you to bring your unique amazing culture to share, meet, and educate.

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German Speakers

A group designed for native speakers of German, students of German, and people interested in the language and culture of Germany to get together and share their experiences.

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Makeup, Performance, & Artistry (MPA)

MPA is a space where makeup ability comes second to creativity and a willingness to learn. Valuing expression over perfection, and blind to gender and societal norms, everyone is welcome.

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Student Scouts and Guides Organisation (SSAGO)

Scouts and Guides are uniformed organisations that help develop practical life and survival skills, as well as providing a safe social atmosphere. Developing the opportunity for volunteering, travel, camping, and many more, SSAGO allows you to try many new activities.



TEDxRoyalHolloway's fundamental goal is to foster and spread great ideas. They aim to provide a platform where thinkers, visionaries, and teachers will be inspired and will have the opportunity to inspire others. The group is a supporter of innovation, critical thinking, and leadership for meaningful change through the TEDx concept.

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The next window for ratifications is the first week of February and we already have groups ready to go, which is fantastic news! If you want to join a society or student group, make sure you check them all out below! 

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