Reasons To Buy A Wristband

What better way to come back from the Christmas holidays than with more celebrations? This year’s Refreshers is surely going to make the start of term two an unforgettable experience.

After a lot of work behind the scenes, we’ve got an incredible line-up for you, with events like Sigma, Dick & Dom, Loski & Digdat and more! So, it’s clear that going to Refreshers has to make it to your New Year’s resolutions list.

We want to give you the option to make this experience as perfect as possible, so we’ll be releasing early-bird wristbands for only £20 up until Monday 31 December and for £25 from Tuesday 1 January. If you’re unsure whether to buy a wristband or not, let us tell you all the benefits that are included in this little (but pretty) bracelet.

Why Should I Buy a Wristband?

For starters, having a wristband will allow you to go to all of the events that we have planned for you and you won’t have to worry about buying tickets before they sell-out and risk not making it to the event. All wristband holders will have guaranteed fast track access to all paid events within the Students’ Union before 23:00.

The wristband gets you access to:

  • Fun Zone: Alcohol Free
  • MedsWeds: Fun Zone
  • Flawless ft. Loski and DigDat
  • School of Rock ft. The Kopycat Killers
  • Undergraduated Big Band
  • Escape ft. Sigma
  • Alumni Sports Day After Party

But that’s not it.

We understand that managing finances can be very hard as a student, and we want to make sure that all of our members have the opportunity to enjoy our events without later worrying about ‘did I spend too much?’. That is why we’ve decided to sell our wristbands for £20 and £25, when the real value for just one is £39! Isn’t that amazing?

Special Benefits of Having a Wristband

There’s more?


When you purchase a wristband, you don’t only guarantee yourself entry to all of our events, you can also enjoy some extra benefits that will make your experience a lot more enjoyable:

We can’t wait to welcome you all to Refreshers week! Get your wristbands below.

Buy a wristband