Rep of the Month: Felix Poree

Every year we celebrate the incredible achievements of our wonderful academic reps. This month, our Sabbatical Officer team found that one rep really stood out - Philosophy department rep, Felix Poree. Read about Felix's efforts to ensure students' needs were met by holding his department to account.

academic repsRep of the Month

To celebrate all the hard work and dedication of our Academic Reps, each month we'll be highlighting one rep who has really stood out by going above and beyond to improve the experience of the students within their department.

Academic Reps are voluntary positions elected by you, the student body, and they exist with a specific remit to represent you and give you a voice in your educational experience. Individually and across the four levels, these reps achieve a large number of positive changes to students’ education on a regular basis. This month, Philosophy department rep Felix Poree was nominated in recognition of all their efforts to hold the Philosophy department to account on issues such as exam timetabling, student feedback, and additional academic support.

We caught up with Felix to find out more.

Why did you want to become a rep?

After previously being a course rep, I wanted to become a department rep because I want to get as much out of my time at university as possible. On a personal level, I feel like you get out what you put in, but I also want to make sure that the course is as good as possible for others.

What are your plans for the rest of the term?

I will mostly be continuing the work that I have already been involved with throughout my time as a rep, such as gathering feedback from students and relaying it to lecturers. I have been regularly collecting and sharing feedback either through quick emails, chairing meetings with lecturers and other academic reps, and more.

In terms of plans outside of the rep role, I will be finishing my second year of studies so will have a lot of work to complete before the end of the academic year.

How do you see being a rep impacting your future?

University acts as a stepping stone to help with the transition from student to adult in the working world. A little bit of responsibility helps with preparing for the future as I feel like since becoming a rep, I have matured and learned how to use initiative which will all help in the future when I have completed my degree and begin applying for jobs.

What’s the best thing about being a rep?

Feeling like I have been able to make an impact to an extent and know that some of the work I have done as a rep has positively impacted students in my department. University is a two-way street and everything needs to be catered towards the student experience; by being an academic rep, I’ve not only been able to improve my own experience but I’ve also been able to help the department and my course mates too.

Why was Felix nominated?

  • Held the Philosophy department to account to improve the experience for his cohort.
  • Listened to all the issues raised by students and represented them clearly to the leadership team in Law and Social Sciences.
  • Created questionnaires and feedback mechanisms to collect feedback both generally and around specific issues.
  • For pushing teaching staff on a module that students found difficult to offer extra optional support workshops.
  • He was the first to recognise issues around the consistency and timetabling of January exams forcing the department to change its approach.

Congratulations Felix!

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