Sustainability Campaign Launch

President Kate Roberts tells you all about the launch of her new campaign, Seeking Sustainability. Find out how you can get involved to help us better understand what students want when it comes to improving sustainability at Royal Holloway and help inform the development of a new sustainability strategy.

Today we are launching our sustainability campaign; Seeking Sustainability. The aim of this campaign is to better understand what students want when it comes to improving sustainability at Royal Holloway.

We think that important decisions affecting our future, such as actions taken against the threat of climate change, should be made by those most heavily impacted, including young people and students. This campaign is looking to you as students, to understand what you want to see improve regarding sustainability at Royal Holloway, both immediately and over the next few years.

Sustainability is one of the most important issues facing our generation, it is vital that all of us come together to take action and improve our sustainability. It is important to take both individual action, as well as hold organisations and companies to account, therefore this sustainability campaign will be focused on improving sustainability at the University, and the Students’ Union, as well as helping to promote individual action and initiatives. Climate change and sustainability most heavily impacts certain members of our global society, including young people and those in the Global South. It is therefore imperative that our sustainability work is intersectional and includes voices that have been marginalised in these discussions.

Student survey

One of the key parts of this campaign is our student survey on sustainability. We are looking to you to tell us about your views, suggestions, and brilliant ideas to improve sustainability at Royal Holloway. We will then take your feedback to the University to help inform the development of a new sustainability strategy, meaning that your feedback will have a direct impact on the sustainability at Royal Holloway for the next few years. There are only five questions, and it shouldn’t take longer than ten minutes to complete!

Take the survey now

Events and blogs

Over the campaign week, we are running a number of events for you to get involved with, all focused on the wider sustainability picture and how this impacts us here at Royal Holloway. We will also be releasing blogs throughout the week, and sharing your sustainability tips on the SU Instagram.

Check out the events

I look forward to seeing you at the events, and I hope you get involved with the campaign as much as possible! If you have any further thoughts or questions on sustainability, please get in contact with me at