Welcome to Royal Holloway's Surf Club! 

The past decade or so has seen a radical change in surf culture — the “surf bum” stereotype has been replaced by eco-conscious athletes more desperate than ever to protect their Pacific playground. Our aim as a club is to incorporate this new and improved alias by improving our physical game alongside a progressive awareness of our environment. We do this by regularly practicing our beloved sport, plus many other water sports, alongside environmental cinema viewings to help us look after our oceans. 

We are very much your gurus for surfing - whether you will be taking your first wave with us or your thousand-and-something wave. We actively welcome and encourage beginners to join the club and build on a unique sporting opportunity during their time at Holloway - there is of course also room for any self-proclaimed pros out there...

     - SURF - 
Taster sessions will be held a few times a year but We will be also be holding two surf trips a year which we recommend you attend. Those trips will show you that surfing is a unique and fun sport that allows you to travel all over the world to beautiful destinations making friends and memories for life whilst improving your skills on the water. 


We will also be organiszing socials, Initiations, SU nights and christmas dinner!!


Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.

Student Opportunities

Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.
Margot Cantineau
Mathilde Gaultier
Social Secretary
Ines Cellier
Novelaine-Berenice Mukwayanzo