Our constitution is our most important governing document that sets out how the Students' Union operates. It is split into two key sections - articles and byelaws.

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The Articles

The Articles are around 11 pages long and deal with the key principles behind how the Students' Union operates. To change it, an amendment must be passed by students, the trustees of the Students’ Union, the College via its College Council, and finally the Charity Commission must then confirm the changes.

The Byelaws

The byelaws provide more detail on specific areas of the Students’ Union and deal with some operational issues. To change them, an amendment must be passed at one general meeting and then confirmed via a simple majority of the trustees. The trustees may also, exceptionally, amend them on their own authority, provided that a resolution to do so is supported by at least two officer trustees, two student trustees, and two external trustees, in a two-thirds majority vote. 

Other Documents

In addition to this, there are a number of other documents that govern how the Students' Union operates, which the College are required to have. They do not form part of the Constitution but are provided here for ease of reference. Please note the Memorandum of Cooperation is a management document and does not form part of the governance structure.