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Maia Jarvis.

Candidate for NUS Delegate

As Vice President Education, I have spent the last eight months fighting for your academic interests and representing the student body at high-level College meetings, such as Academic Board and College Council. An NUS Delegate needs to understand what is most important to Royal Holloway students and since September, I have been actioning feedback from students across all Schools and ensuring that your voice is at the heart of my own and the College’s work.

One of the issues you brought to my attention is the lack of leniency in the College’s online attendance policy, which only allows you to access lectures online if you are isolating. After raising this issue with the Senior Vice-Principal, I wrote a proposal which recommends the topic be discussed at NUS’ National Conference and outlines why lobbying universities to allow online attendance should become a priority for NUS.

Offering optional online access could benefit a wide array of groups such as disabled students, carers, mature students, those from low-income backgrounds balancing work alongside their degree and students with mental health difficulties. Moreover, anyone could encounter unexpected personal circumstances which make attending in-person difficult and we should lobby institutions to make sure these students can attend live sessions if they wish to. I feel incredibly passionate about this topic and if elected NUS Delegate, I could take part in the debate when my proposal, written as a result of your feedback, is discussed at the National Conference.

My manifesto for President is centred around inclusion and I pledge to fight for a better experience for students from underrepresented groups. I would love to have the opportunity to represent you at NUS’ National Conference and put what is important to RHUL students on the national agenda.

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Voting opens
14 March 2022

Voting closes
16 March 2022

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