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Kate Allison.

Candidate for VP Education

Hi everyone! I’m Kate and I’m so excited to be running for the position of VP Education in the 2022 SU Elections!

As a student at Royal Holloway for four years (one year Geography, three years History), with Covid-19 and strikes affecting students’ education, we deserve better. We deserve the education we pay for. There needs to be more transparency between the SU, the College, and us students. That’s why I’m running to be your VP Education this year.

I’ve created amazing memories during my time at Royal Holloway, but it hasn’t been without its hardships. Starting university in 2018, I felt like a small fish in a big ocean, but university has changed my life. I’ve been on the committee of Absolute Harmony for two years, this year being the society’s President. I’ve also had experience on the RH100 panel, and as a Course Rep for two years. I’ve been given many opportunities at Royal Holloway, and believe that the natural next step is representing students’ views on your education; you pay thousands of pounds for this degree…why shouldn’t you have a say in how you achieve it?!

I really believe that as your VP Education, I can make a positive change within educational life at Royal Holloway. My goals are to:

- Further Maia’s work with campaigning for every single year, course and module to have online access to lectures and seminars.

- Support students, however possible, during the UCU strikes. 78% of students voted to support the UCU’s current industrial strike action and it’s stance in its entirety, but that doesn’t mean that students should feel unsupported.

- Campaign for more non-white, LGBTQIA+, female and disabled academics to be put onto reading lists.

- Support the Committees of Academic Societies, and Course/School Reps through one-to-one meetings and Academic Cafes.

- Write monthly blogs to be transparent about what work I’m doing to make education better at Royal Holloway.

Being VP Education brings with it a huge amount of responsibility and hard work, but my passion for bettering education for every student means I’m willing to do everything possible to ensure students thrive next year. I want every student to feel like their thousands of pounds are worth something.

If you believe in my mission, and want to see your education blossom in 2022/23, vote for me on the 14th - 16th March! You can also follow my campaign @vpedu_katea


Key dates

Voting opens
14 March 2022

Voting closes
16 March 2022

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