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Kim D'Souza.

Candidate for VP Education

My name is Kim D’Souza, I am running for VP of Education so I can help empower you as students to have a say in your education. I am suited to the role as I am currently in my second year of being a department representative, meaning I have experience gathering student feedback and making sure the department act upon it. In formulating my key points for my campaign, I have reached out to other academic representatives and gathered the opinions of students in various situations, across all year groups and numerous departments; if I am successful in being elected for VP of Education, you can be assured I will be acting in accordance with what the student body feels is important.

First of all, I aim to continue from Maia in centring your student voices in post-lockdown education, integrating online learning in a way that allows more flexibility and accessibility while still maintaining that in person teaching is valuable. I believe that the university policies should allow for students with other extenuating circumstances, not only Covid-19 related situations, as well as those who have certain medical conditions or disabilities, to attend lectures and seminars online when necessary.

Secondly, I want to put focus back onto the BAME student voice report of January 2020 that was pushed aside due to Covid-19; working to improve the way the SU represents BAME student’s academic interests and with departments and academic representatives to decolonise and diversify the curriculum- with BAME and Queer thinkers and ideas. I also aim to improve the academic representation system by creating channels of communication, ensuring that you know who your representatives are and that your feedback is acted upon effectively.

Furthermore, I will be working with CEDAS to integrate workshops into course modules, providing students with information on how to properly reference and to offer extra support to those whose first language is not English as well as those with specific learning disabilities. Finally, I also aim to improve communication between departments and careers services, especially for those who offer placement years to give students better guidance and support on finding and choosing their placement.

Key dates

Voting opens
14 March 2022

Voting closes
16 March 2022

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