A photograph of Irwin Blair

Irwin Blair.

Candidate for President

Hi, my name is Irwin and I’m a second-year physics student running for SU President in order to best represent you. In order to do this, I shall:

• Lobby to increase the number of student security at student union venues, due to a spate of sexual assaults, and give anti spiking training and countermeasures to all staff members where they occur. Campaign to protect staff by increasing pay of SU staff to line up with inflation.

• Streamline the process of finding forms on the Students Union website to streamline societies reimbursements to members when they must pay for any activities that will be reimbursed by the society.

• Change the unions default response to College strike action to support the University and College Union in any future strike action, and vote on reducing support on a case by case basis.

• To help mitigate the effects of strike action by increasing support for academic based societies, and helping them to run peer support sessions by increasing their funding, and working to help establish new academic societies for students who do not currently have a dedicated society to support their growth.

• Working together with alumni and other universities’ Students Unions to get guest speakers for interesting events and improving relations with separate universities and alumni, especially for London universities.

• Support inclusivity by promoting non-alcohol based events, such as open air films. Also promote and work to keep gender neutral facilities present in any venues run by the SU, and include an amendment in the constitution to ensure their presence in any future venues.

• Include several anonymous suggestion boxes across campus for you to put forward any ideas that may come your way!