A photograph of Abi Jemm Sleiman

Jemma Abi Sleiman.

Candidate for VP Wellbeing & Diversity

Hey everyone, my name is Jemma Abi Sleiman and I am running to be your Vice president of Well-being and Diversity to ensure that all students feel heard and included. I am currently a third-year Management and International Business student and on the committee of Absolute Harmony as their Community Welfare Officer. In addition to this, I worked on inclusivity projects at school as a Prefect and have been learning Sign Language since the age of five leading to me now posting videos online in my spare time. I am a disabled student and have always been passionate about every person feeling included and valued with their differences being celebrated as opposed to cast aside.

If I am elected, I aim to:

- Amplify student voices: Through the use of panels and anonymous forms for ideas to make a more inclusive campus for students with their own challenges to open up the conversation further.

- Mental health and loneliness on Campus: Coordinate with mental health services to increase awareness of required and provided services whilst also working with existing services such as Give It A Go to introduce more events at the weekend to tackle loneliness on campus caused by an increased efflux of students.

- Accessibility: Work on increasing accessibility through campus, at events and venues through facilitating an accessibility audit of campus, more disability training for staff and better signposting of relevant staff members that can provide assistance.

-Student safety: Continue existing projects to provide safe routes home for students and improve reporting services for bullying and harassment to students. Improve awareness and signposting of wellbeing staff within Student Union venues and around campus throughout the day.

I believe I am well equipped to handle difficult and upsetting situations with a calm outlook, ensuring students get the help they need. I am an approachable and friendly person and will always provide a non-judgmental listening ear to help students on campus. Overall, I aim to make campus an environment for everybody, supporting mental health, improving student safety and making campus more inclusive while improving equality and wellbeing for students.

To conclude, if I took on the vital position of VP Well-being and Diversity your voices and concerns will always be heard and taken on board. I would be honoured to represent your interests in the Student Union.

Vote Jemma and together let’s make a campus for everybody.

Key dates

Voting opens
14 March 2022

Voting closes
16 March 2022

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