Royal Holloway Students' Union exists for one reason, to make student life better for our members. To enable us to achieve this it's essential we're fully open and transparent so students understand how we work and the impact they can have through involvement in our work.

At the top level we're governed by our constitution which sets out the rules and processes behind everything we do.

We're Autonomous From the College

While we receive a large portion of our funding direct from Royal Holloway, University of London, we're also a completely autonomous organisation with our own trustee board and charitable purpose. This ensures that we can always be focussed on our mission and remain objective in lobbying on campus and beyond.

We're Led by Students

Students shape everything about the Students' Union and are always at the centre of our thinking. From our Trustee Board, which is made up of over 50% students including our sabbatical officer team and are legally responsible for the Union, down to our bar staff, students are involved in every aspect of our work. In fact we employ over 250 students, have over 3000 involved in our clubs, societies and media groups and even more involved in volunteering. 


Those responsible for everything the Union does.


The most important governing document made up of articles and bylaws.


Our four year strategy, from 2018-2022.