BAME Inclusive
Student Experience

A Student Voice Report.

Date published: 29 January 2020

This Student Voice Report on the BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) Inclusive Student Experience presents our work over the last two years, and examines the issues negatively impacting the higher education experience of BAME students in a national context as well as at Royal Holloway.

This report addresses Royal Holloway’s current BAME a­tainment gap and the University’s plans to reduce it. It also discusses the various ways we engaged with the BAME student community about the project and proposed recommendations, which we hope will have a substantial and long-lasting positive impact on the current and prospective student experience at Royal Holloway.

Report Recommendations

Below is a the summary of the recommendations from the report.

1.1 The University will ensure all academic departments utilise data to analyse year-on-year figures which will be monitored and reported on annually.

1.2 The University should breakdown the data on student ethnicities into smaller groups where possible.

1.3 Data should be collected and analysed on a module, course and departmental level.

2.1 There should be clear ownership and accountability of the BAME a­ainment gap by the University’s senior leadership team.

2.2 The University should set up a specific a­tainment gap project with a clear funding resource and staff lead.

2.3 There should be a clear and accessible method of feedback that students can comment on the work being done to reduce the BAME a­ainment gap.

2.4 The University should set up a recognition scheme for staff and students who contribute to tackling barriers to equality.

3.1 The University will implement a coherent and easily-accessible reporting platform, including different levels of action, for students to report abuse.

3.2 The Students’ Union will work alongside local police and other relevant authorities to support a piece of work around hate crime reporting in the local area.

4.1 The University and Students’ Union should work together to introduce mandatory training for all staff and students.

4.2 The Students’ Union should run an awareness campaign to foster a sense of belongingand community feel for all students.

5.1 The Students’ Union and the University should introduce trading services and extra-curricular programmes that provide for our BAME community.

5.2 The Students’ Union and the University should improve signposting on food productsfor BAME students.

6.1 The Students’ Union should train academic reps to identify areas where diversity can be increased and empower them to challenge curricula and teaching practices.

6.2 The Students’ Union and the University will ensure that the curriculum is as diverse as possible.

7.1 The Students’ Union and the University should both ensure that representation within communications is more diverse.

7.2 The Students’ Union and the University should be more proactive in reaching out to groups who may be celebrating, acknowledging or developing events in advance.

7.3 The Students’ Union and the University should ensure the respectful acknowledgement of religious and cultural needs within our diverse population.

8.1 The Students’ Union has been mandated by the student body through an all-student referendum to produce a no platform for hate speech policy.

9.1 The Students’ Union and the University should prioritise implementing specific action plans to address the lack of diversity in the staff population.

9.2 The Students’ Union and the University should undertake work to understand why people of colour do not apply in equal proportion for positions and consider action to reduce the BAME recruitment gap.

9.3 The Students’ Union should address the lack of diversity within the Sabbatical Officer positions.

10.1 The Students’ Union and the University should implement targeted careers advice, internships and support for BAME students.

10.2 Data should be collected about Year in Industry and Year Abroad demographics to provide insight and offer personalised support to students unable to participate.

10.3 The University should set up a mentoring programme for BAME students.


The Students’ Union will receive £1500 per annum for three consecutive years to be put towards this project from Santander. The spending of this money will be reported to the relevant Executive through annual plans and circulated among members of the BAME collective for full transparency.

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