Thursday 01 February 2024

19:00 - 22:00


LGBT+ Gala

Join the LGBT+ society for a queer soirée at Medicine to celebrate LGBT+ History Month! The dress code is semi-formal so come in your best dressed and enjoy the evening! 

There will be a Rainbow Rave afterparty at the end of the event from 10pm - 2am.

LGBT+ History Month

Sharanya (VP Education) has worked closely with the LGBT+ Society and the LGBTQ+ Community Officer Sam Bolton to deliver a range of events to raise awareness of this year's theme: Medicine #Underthescope and celebrate the achievements of LGBT+ people in the medical field.

In collaboration with @ImJustRHUL, Sharanya has launched LGBT+ Speed Dating to provide a fun, safe, and welcoming space for queer people to meet the potential loves of their lives (and if not, just a fun way to meet their community). The funds generated by this event will be donated to the RHUL Transition Fund, an initiative founded by the 2023-24 LGBT+ Society Committee and LGBT+ Community Officer. The transition fund is a mutual aid transition fund to help transgender members of the LGBT+ Society fund private healthcare costs.