Advice Centre Supporting Students In Crisis

For most students, summer is a time to look forward to, a time of relaxation away from the stresses of university. A lot of students will start planning all the luxuries they can enjoy living in their family homes during the summer and some will even go abroad on holidays.

Unfortunately, some students aren’t able to go back to a family home and the summer can be pretty rough for them with no student loan to fall back on. Last year at the SU Advice Centre we saw students who at times didn’t have enough to eat and were frustrated at how little help is available and how out of reach it is.

We are committed to making student life better at Royal Holloway and so we have been looking for ways to help. Our first victory came this week as we were authorised by the Trussell Trust to issue foodbank vouchers via Runnymede Foodbank to students in crisis.

What does the Foodbank provide?

  • Short term, emergency food to individuals and families in crisis.
  • The food parcels include cereal, milk, fruit juice, soup, pasta, meat, fish, vegetables and pudding, providing balanced and nutritional meals for a minimum of three days. The quantity of food given is dependent upon the number of adults and children in the family.
  • Food is donated by churches, individuals, companies, community groups, charities and by the public through collection days outside major supermarkets in the local area.
  • There is no charge for the food, but it is given on the understanding that it is not resold.
  • In addition to giving food, foodbank centre volunteers also offer a free cup of tea/coffee, a friendly chat and 'help in finding help' - signposting towards further suppport services such as debt counsellors, advocacy etc.

Where can I get help?

If you or someone you know is likely to have problems in the holidays, please get in touch with the SU Advice Centre at to ask for help.

We will use our professional judgement to identify those in genuine crisis, and will issue vouchers which can be redeemed at your nearest foodbank centre. For those living in Egham, there is a foodbank situated at Virginia Lodge, 68a Station Road, but you can see the locations of all other nearby foodbanks here.