Get Your Finances In Order

At the SU Advice Centre we care about your financial wellbeing, because we know that it has an impact on your student life. With student loans depleting, we thought we’d remind you about all the financial help available to you.

Struggling with medical costs?

Did you know that as a student you could get help towards your prescriptions costs, including optical and dental? You can even get refunded on some recent medical expenditures – check below to see if you’re eligible!

The NHS Low Income Schemes


Need financial guidance or help? 

Our Finance Advice Page will can get you started and give you some useful tips to help you sort out your finances. But if you simply need to speak to someone, we’re here! You can send us an email at the Advice Centre and ask for an appointment with an advisor. Apart from the bank holidays and weekends, we’re open Monday to Friday throughout April.