Socs Ball Round-Up

Socs Ball is over for another year and what an incredible occasion it was, as we descended upon the De Vere Beaumont Hotel on Saturday night to celebrate our wonderful societies and media outlets.

With more individuals and groups recognised than ever before, this truly was our biggest ever Socs celebration, and it was an absolute pleasure to be your hostess for the night!

I can't quite believe that it was my last ever Socs Ball, and it was amazing to be involved so heavily with the changes that were implemented this year, from the introduction of the Spotlight Award to the addition of walk-up music for our award winners.

I guess I now have to accept that my time at Royal Holloway is coming to an end. Believe me when I say that this isn't an easy thing to deal with. I have spent four of the best, most exciting, most difficult years of my life at this university. I can honestly say that the main thing that has kept me going, through the good and the bad, has been my involvement with societies, and I'm so proud to have had the absolute honour of working with you all for the past year.

Each and every one of you have inspired me in so many ways, and I have constantly been blown away by your creativity, empathy, sensitivity and professionalism. I truly hope that you are all able to look back on your involvement with societies or media outlets in the same positive way that I can.

I promised I wouldn't cry and I (just about) stayed true to my word. Congratulations to all our winners, who are listed below, and thank you all so much for an incredible year.

Look out for the photos which will be going up on Facebook very soon. Until then, enjoy this one of me celebrating an awesome night!

Socs Ball 2019 Roll Of Honour - Group Awards

RAG Award - Islamic Society

Community Shield - rhubarbTV

Skills & Employability Cup - Investment & Finance

Best Event - Insanity Radio 103.2FM (Gold), Photography & Hiking (Silver), rhubarbTV (Bronze)

Sarah Parker Remond Inclusion and Accessibility Award - Humans vs Zombies

Most Improved Society - Photography

Vice President's Cup - Eshan Puri & Joshua Barker (Winners), Sophia Bolton (Runner Up), Rory Ford (Runner Up)

Spotlight Award - Classics (Gold), Climate Action (Silver), African-Caribbean (Bronze)

Society of the Year - Humans vs Zombies (Gold), Dance (Silver), Orbital Magazine (Bronze)


Socs Ball 2019 Roll Of Honour - Individual Awards

Freshmen of the Year

Yuji Aoyama – Humans vs Zombies

Eleanor Ball – Shakespeare

Becca Bashford – Orbital Magazine

Bonnie Bow-Thompson – Ballroom & Latin Dancesport

Megi Braholli – Computing

Max Harrison – Ballroom & Latin Dancesport

Ethan Laurent – Absolute Harmony

Jessica Lee – Dance

Danai Mallidou – Pole Fitness

Alicia O'Neill – Drama

Yohan Pathikirikorale – Insanity Radio 103.2FM

Anna Robinson – Drama

Sara Schöchli – rhubarbTV

Alex Shaw – Christian Union

Lucy Wilson – Musical Theatre

Society Crest

Madeline Biggs – Savoy Opera

Kessle Boldeau – African-Caribbean

Sophia Bolton - Conservation Animal Volunteering & Dance

Jenny Collins – Savoy Opera

Ellie Cozens – Drama

Rory Ford – Humans vs Zombies & Games

Lily Grainger – Shakespeare

Aled Horner – Humans vs Zombies

Charlton Jenkins – Feminism

Meg Lenehan – Ballroom & Latin Dancesport

Ellie Lusher – Absolute Harmony

Marshea Makosa – Comedy

Elizabeth Matie – Dance

Sally Morritt – Politics & International Relations

Mara Pem Munoz – Fashion

Amit Natan – Pole Fitness

Cecilia Neil-Smith – Writing

Callum Pardoe – Drama

Ashley Parry – Dance

Matthew Phillips – Photography

Dominique Reid – Drama

Flossie Roberts – Humans vs Zombies

Mannie Sapra – Insanity Radio 103.2FM

Naomi Sherwood – Christian Union

Noelle Spillman – Insanity Radio 103.2FM

Flynn Sturgeon – Musical Theatre

Michele Theil – Orbital Magazine

Samantha Thompson-Spence – Savoy Opera

Connor Wood – Musical Theatre

Daniel Woods – Humans vs Zombies

Holly Hughes // Vice President Societies & Media