Staying Productive While Enjoying The Holidays

The end of Term One is upon us and the holidays are fast approaching. You’ve all worked so hard and started the year really well despite the challenges that have been thrown at you, so a huge well done to you for that! Our advisors have put together a list of useful tips on how to use your holidays to help you get ready for Term Two, and start the new year as smoothly as possible.

Don’t worry, that’s not to say we’ll be taking away from your time watching Christmas movies and eating mince pies!

Some of you will have exams and coursework due in January, so the key to preparing for that and enjoying a nice and relaxing break is time management and prioritisation.

Tips to stay productive while enjoying the holidays

  1. Map out your upcoming deadlines
  2. Work out your priorities and think about where you need to focus most of your attention
  3. Make sure you take home any revision resources you might need before you leave
  4. Set aside an hour or two in the morning to work so you can have the rest of the day to enjoy the festivities
  5. Plan your study time ahead so you aren’t cramming everything in the last weekend of the holidays
  6. Stay hydrated. It might sound obvious, but especially around Christmas and times of celebration it can be easy for your day to look like this: wake up, have a coffee, have another coffee, G&T time, double G&T time, have an Irish coffee or baileys hot chocolate for dessert, go to bed. And while we're not saying you shouldn't do this and have fun, you will find it far easier to concentrate and feel so much better by adding a few glasses of water into the mix
  7. When you are studying over the break, during that hour or two you have allocated, try to stay off social media. Social media is good at making it look like no one else is studying and just celebrating, and will, more often than not, give you FOMO and make you feel like you should call it a day too. Others are studying too, they just aren’t posting about it 

Returning to university after a few weeks at home can be a little daunting too. At the Students’ Union we are here to support you, so if you are feeling like you need to speak to someone, please do get in contact.

We hope you have a great break and enjoy the Christmas holidays! 

Further support

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