Withdrawal of a student by the College (Termination of Registration)

What can we help you with?

You might be withdrawn by the College for different reasons, these include:

  • If you have poor attendance and have received two formal warnings
  • If you have had two assessment offences and are on your third assessment offence
  • If you have failed your re-sit(s)

Departments will send you an informal warning first and then move onto a formal warning if your attendance is still poor or you’re not handing work in on time. The formal warning letter outlines requirements that you’ll need to meet so that you don’t receive a second formal warning. These requirements are typically attending lectures, seminars and handing in work on time. The second formal warning letter will say that this is the final warning, after this the department will request the College to withdraw you from your course (termination of registration). If you can’t attend lectures or seminars, are going through some tough circumstances, are unwell and can’t hand in your work on time, you’ll need to let your tutor or department admin know.

It’s important to let your department know about any extenuating circumstances (ECs), so that they’re aware of it and can make sure you’re being supported and have filled in the relevant forms. Your department might also ask you to submit evidence of your ECs, for example, if you’re sick then you can submit a doctor’s certificate.

You can appeal your termination of registration through the appeals process. An SU Advisor can go through the appeals process with you and the grounds for appealing.