Man Up.

25 February - 3 March

Man Up is a campaign dedicated to raising awareness of male mental health, as we challenge the stigma around the topic and encourage men to speak out about any struggles they may be facing. It's time to kick out the negative stereotypes and challenge the perception of what it means to be a "man".


Traffic Light Lunch
25th February
Tommy's Lounge, Students' Union
Whether you're vent, listen, or both, take this opportunity to discuss things that may be frustrating or stressing you out in everyday life.
Big Bears Wednesday
27th February
Sports Centre
With Varsity on the horizon, it's time to get behind your Bears as they host their largest number of home fixtures during the Spring Term.
27th February
Students' Union Main Hall
Forget assignments and deadlines for a minute and take the stress out of your day by enjoying some fun games in the SU Main Hall.
Schizophrenia: "There's a Voice in my Head"
27th February
Moore Auditorium
This installment will shine light on schizophrenia, often misrepresented by mainstream media.
Men's Mental Health: Panel Discussion
28th February
Moore Auditorium
A one hour discussion around the manifestations of mental health and experiences of those on the panel, followed by a Q&A session.


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